State of the art solutions for bonding facade building sandwich panels are available from Sika. Whether it is improving fire performance, noise attenuation, adhesion or production efficiency, we have it covered. .

Bonding of Facade Building Sandwich Panels

SikaForce® polyurethane adhesive solutions provide you with efficient sandwich panel bonding systems for steel faced building panels manufactured on continuous panel (CPL) production lines.

Increase your production line speed with SikaForce 1, 2 and 3-component adhesive solutions.

Achieve high panel strength and Euro-classification A2:s1:d0 Reaction To Fire performance.


Building which has been constructed with Sandwich panel elements
fire performance
euroclassification A2:s1:d0 solutions
high tensile strength for sandwich panels produced with SikaForce® adhesives
"Over 25 million m2 of building and construction panels are produced every year with Sika adhesives. It is no coincidence that so many customers around the world choose Sika. "

SikaForce® Polyurethane Adhesives for Optimal Performance and Efficiency

Steel faced building sandwich panel with mineral wool core

SikaForce® PUR adhesives are designed to enhance your panel performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency

Meet Euroclass A2:s1:d0 Reaction To Fire classification

1C, 2C and 3C PUR solutions for faster and more versatile production

Proven solutions and product modifications to suit your production lines

Best Recommended Products for Facade Panels

SikaForce®-7748 Range

Two component PUR adhesive with very low calorific value for steel façade fire rated building panels.

SikaForce®-7746 Range

Low viscosity two component PUR adhesive for high output building sandwich panel continuous production lines.

SikaForce®-7100 Range

Easy processing moisture curing one component PUR adhesive for discontinuous panel production lines.