Sika provides a wide product range for the production of entrance doors made of PVC, wood and aluminum.

Bonding of Insulated and Fire Resistant Composite Door Panels

Combining performance and aesthetics, SikaForce® and SikaMelt® PUR adhesives are ideal for bonding insulated and fire resistant composite door panels.

The long term durability of laminated PVC, wood and aluminum composite doors is assured by utilizing reactive polyurethane adhesives.

Due to a high initial strength, you can achieve a fast series production speed of insulated doors with SikaMelt® hot melt adhesive solutions.

For fire rated steel and mineral wool doors, SikaForce® adhesives can provide you with ideal solutions.


Laminated door of a house entrace with composite door panels
handling in the production
process with SikaMelt® adhesives
doors with mineral wool core
and SikaForce® adhesives

Hot melt and liquid Polyurethane for a wide Range of Applications

front door of a house bonded with Sika

SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives are ideal for rapid production of laminated doors. The high initial strength means panels can proceed immediately in production and being reactive the adhesives continue to form a durable polymer.

Bonding a wide range of substrate materials

Immediate handling in production

Cross linking for long term durability

Combining performance and aesthetics, SikaForce® PUR adhesives are ideal for bonding insulated and fire resistant door panels.

Adhesives for a wide range of substrates

Long open time adhesive solutions

Reactive PUR adhesives for long term durability

Laminated, sandwich panel fire resistante door

SikaForce®-7110 Range

Moisture curing one component PUR adhesive used in mineral wool and steel fire doors.

SikaForce®-7710 Range

Versatile two component polyurethane adhesive for bonding a range of metals, foams, fibres and wood based substrates.

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