High initial strength and fast setting hot melt adhesive performance creates an efficient production in the lamination of flexible flooring such as PVC to foam.

Fastest Adhesive Solutions for Profile Wrappings

Hot melt PUR adhesives are specifically designed for your profile wrapping of wood, MDF, PVC and aluminium cores with paper or PVC foils in the production of profiles for furniture and interior building elements

The adhesive is solid at room temperature and is heated for application by roller or slot die – to suit your production demands.

Very high initial strength and a wide adhesion spectrum means you can produce a wide range of interior profiles at high speed.

Containing no VOC’s, hot melt adhesive are kinder on the environment.

Modern door with adhesive for profile wrapping
production with hot melt adhesives
no VOC's safer solutions for interior profiles

High Initial Strength Adhesive Solutions for High Speed Production Lines

Various profiles wrapped with wood or PVC and bonded with adhesive

In the production of profiles for furniture and interior building elements, such as architraves and edge profiles, only the fastest adhesive solutions will do. SikaMelt® is well suited having high initial strength and the ability to adhere a wide range of substrates.

Excellent adhesion of PVC and paper foils to MDF, PVC and aluminium cores

High ageing performance and humidity resistance

100% solids, no VOC’s and no waiting time


Best Recommended Products for Profile Wrapping


Very high initial strength hot melt PUR adhesive for interior profile wrapping of foils to wood based, PVC and aluminium profiles