With over 9000 facade projects globally realized with Sikasil® Engineering Silicones, Sika is the expert for facade bonding. Facades made of glass are gaining ground in all big cities throughout the world. Glass today covers all applications areas from flooring to roofing, from office towers to residential buildings.In cold as well as in hot climates.

Look out for some of our best references for structural glazing, weather sealing, insulating glass, vapor proofing membranes, panel cladding and glass balustrades.  

Creative Facade Architecture

To strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, architects are increasingly turning to glass for curtain wall construction. As transparent structural glazing walls, single, double or triple glazed or even double skin facades. Glass can also be combined with other materials such as natural stone, metals or plastic coated metals, giving planners a wide scope for creativity.

From Design to Process

Sika has products which turn ideas into reality and the experience to translate design into processes. From immaculate optical appearance of a structural glazed façade to the flawless beauty of opaque wall cladding. Our partner can expect tailored Sika products with peak performance in every respect. From waterproofing products to tried-and-tested, long-term and durable solutions.

Technical Support is a High Priority at Sika

It is not enough for us just to deliver our reliable and certified products, but also to enable our partners using Sika products in a professional way. This also includes a careful project workflow with clear responsibilities and tasks for facade projects. Training and securing knowledge is an essential pillar for a successful project realization. To achieve this, we have created modern digital tools.

The jobs in the construction industry are becoming increasingly challenging. Driven by the use of new materials, stricter building regulations and an increasing decoupling of planning and execution in the globalized economy, Sika responds to the ever growing complexity in the construction industry with the BONDING EXCELLENCE program.

The BONDING EXCELLENCE program covers all the various, sometimes delicate aspects of a structurally bonded facade project and combines them on an advanced, easy-to-use online portal. In this way, a complex project from planning to implementation in a cross-company team becomes a manageable and fluent project workflow. Such a professional project execution contributes to creating trust to our mutual business partners - the building owners and planners alike.