Sika®-1 Mortar Waterproofing System

Pre-bagged Structural Waterproofing System

Sika®-1 Mortar Waterproofing System mortars are pre-bagged kiln dried blends of specially graded aggregates and cements with waterproofing admixtures packaged in 4 grades at the appropriate mix ratios for optimum application performance and durability. When mixed with the water they provide the multicoat components for the structural waterproofing systems.

  • Type A waterproofing system according to BS8102- 2009
  • Proven resistance to hydrostatic back pressure
  • Fully bonded waterproofing barrier
  • Can be applied to wet substrates
  • For use on concrete, brick and structural blockwork
  • Can be used internal and externally
  • Can be applied to wall, floors and soffits
  • Quality controlled system
  • Used for negative or positive water pressure situations