Sika® BituSeal S-115

Post applied self-adhesive bituminous sheet waterproofing membrane

Sika® BituSeal S-115 is a post applied self-adhesive waterproofing sheet membrane. It is based on SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bitumen, reinforced with polyester non woven fabric. It has a silicone-treated release liner on the upper and lower surface

  • High tensile strength and elongation
  • Resistant against natural aggressive mediums in ground water and soil
  • High water vapour permeability
  • Dimensional stable
  • High flexibility in cold
  • No welding of membrane overlaps required
  • Quick and easy installation by self-adhesion
  • Good elasticity and adhesion
  • Tested for Radon permeability (membrane 1.1 x 10-11 m2/s, joints 8.3 x 10-12 m2/s in accordance with the K124/02/95 method)