Sika Ireland has expanded its range of metal roof coating systems, to provide a solution for every project requirement, and every budget, within the new Sika Pro-Tecta range.

Sika Pro-Tecta Solution for Roof Refurbishment

Metal sheeting has remained popular across many sectors, including industrial, retail, and leisure. The main driving factor is often the ease and speed at which the framework structure of the building can be erected, and the envelope encapsulated.

In the context of metal sheeting, used as a pitched roofing material, large profiled roof sheets are often an attractive proposition, because of a good coverage rate per sheet, and their ability to discharge water effectively over a large area.

However, exposure factors, such as geographical location, combined with the type of sheet, and its coating, will greatly influence the lifespan of metal roofs. At some point, most metal roofs will require maintenance and attention, to address possible degradation of the protective coating, and in some cases, corrosion of the metal sheet core, risking the primary waterproofing function.

As a market leader in liquid applied roof membranes, Sika has a strong and proven background in providing high performance waterproofing coatings for metal roofs. Our BBA approved systems successfully extend the service life of the roofs and are cold liquid applied. Sika Pro-Tecta is applied with minimum interruption, all backed by guarantee.

The Sika Pro-Tecta range consists of Sika Pro-Tecta CE - our cut edge corrosion system and Sika Pro-Tecta WP - are full waterproofing encapsulation system.

Metal Roof Coating System

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