Sarnavap®-5000 E SA FR

Self-adhesive fire reduced vapour barrier

Sarnavap®-5000 E SA FR is a self-adhesive, multi-layered, fire reduced, vapour barrier manufactured from polymer modified bitumen with a glass-fibre mat reinforcement and an aluminium foil top layer.

  • Ease and speed of installation from self-adhesive properties
  • Temporary waterproof top layer for up to 4 weeks, without the requirement for additional weight/ballast and/or mechanical fastenings
  • Good adhesion/bonding strength leading to an air tight roof construction
  • Good tear resistance to foot traffic during roof build up activities
  • High water vapour resistance makes it suitable in combination with all types of membranes
  • Can be bonded onto inclined or vertical surfaces
  • Can be bonded onto different types of adjoining substrates
  • Complies with the requirements of  DIN 18234