Sika® Reemat Premium

Sika Reemat Premium and Sika Reemat Premium 300 are glass fibre reinforcement mats for use in a number of coating systems to provide increased strength and durability. The randomly orientated fibres within the mats give maximum multidirectional tensile strength to the membranes whilst allowing them to remain highly elastomeric. They may be used for total or partial reinforcement and may easily be moulded around protrusions, joints, corners and other surface details. Reemat Premium is a heavier duty grade, with a feathered edge to one side. Reemat 300 is a narrower version of Reemat Premium that does not have a feathered edge and is designed for use for detailing areas.

Sika® Reemat Premium is a glass fibre mat reinforcement for Sikalastic® Liquid Applied Membrane systems.

  • Easy and quick application
  • Easy to adjust to complicated details
  • Ensures the correct thickness of the base coat
  • Enhance the crack-bridging properties of the system
  • Enhance mechanical properties of the system