Understanding each area's operations and then defining all of the performance requirements for the floor is the most important. This includes the required mechanical impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, thermal exposure plus ease of cleaning, and dust prevention, etc.



Sika® EpoCem® technology can be used on relatively new “green” or existing damp concrete, where it acts as a temporary moisture barrier to reduce waiting times for the application of vapour-tight floor systems.


Cementitious, self-smoothing, pumpable Sikafloor® screeds and Sikafloor® Level are used to provide a uniform and level surface for the application of floor finishes. The vapour permeable and rapid drying screeds provide very economic solutions. Sika® EpoCem® Technology is again frequently used in refurbishment
projects when the existing floors have rising or high moisture contents but need to be over-coated quickly.


Sikafloor® solutions provide a bright colored floor that can be installed in a wide range of thicknesses and with a variety of surface textures. These floors are seamless, non-porous and non-dusting, with good chemical resistance. Their properties make the floor hygienic and easy to clean as well as being hard and very durable, so they are ideally  suited for use in dry process and racked storage areas.


Sikafloor® solutions can provide durable flooring solutions for cold storage areas even under the most severe conditions with extreme mechanical, chemical and thermal exposure.