aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Tape

Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Tape /Drain Mat is a self -adhesive butyl backed fleece tape /mat designed to provide a waterproof seal prior to tili ng on board joints, corner joints and pipe entries in shower areas, wet rooms, wet zones and anywhere where a watertight seal to a corner, gap or crack is required. Can be tiled straight onto areas that are waterproof (i.e. wet room boards) or used prior to applying Aquaseal Tanking Membrane as part of the Aquaseal Wet Room System to promote a 100% waterproof membrane to conventional plaster and timber based boards. The unique butyl fleece provides cross directional stability to accommodate board movement s occurring in different directions at the same time, essential to provide a permanent watertight seal.

  • Self -Adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Permanently flexible butyl backed fleece with cross directional stability
  • Easy to apply with pre-cut release liner
  • Av ailable as a larger size square Drain Mat for standalone showers