EVERBUILD® SILWELD® Silicone Repair Tape

Silicone self-fusing repair tape

EVERBUILD® SILWELD® Silicone Repair Tape is an incredible tape that can be used to repair almost anything, from an emergency repair to a water hose or air pipe, to insulating electrical wires or connections. It creates an airtight, watertight seal in seconds without the need for any adhesive and it even works under water! Silweld® is an excellent electrical insulator up to 8,000 volts, it withstands extreme temperatures from -65 to 260°C and even withstands pressure to 700psi. Silweld® also resists petrol, oils, acids, solvents, salt water and UV rays.

  • Gives an airtight and watertight seal in seconds
  • Non adhesive – self-fusing
  • Totally waterproof
  • Excellent electrical insulator up to 8,000 volts
  • Resists petrol, oil, acids, solvents, saltwater, UV rays
  • Withstands pressure to 700psi
  • Even works underwater
AdhesiveNon adhesive, self-amalgamatingType Of FilmSilicone rubberPressure resistanceUp to 700psiWater ResistanceFully waterproofUV ResistanceExcellent