Sika® Water Repel+

A non-flammable water repellent and protector on porous surfaces

Sika® Water Repel+ is a solvent-free water repellent and protector for concrete, brick, stone and masonry. Sika® Water Repel+ protects against rainwater penetration without changing the aesthetic appearance of the substrate. Sika® Water Repel+ penetrates deep into the treated area providing effective water repellency for many years. It is unaffected by ultraviolet light and offers improved water beading when compared to other traditional solvent-based products. It is suitable for use on all types of masonry including concrete, brick, and stone surfaces that are both absorbent and dry to ensure an effective, protective layer against penetration of rainwater.  

  • Invisible protection against rain penetration.  
  • Non-flammable formula.  
  • Protects masonry, brick and stone.

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