EVERBUILD® 406 Stabilising Solution

Quick drying fine polymer emulsion stabilising solution

EVERBUILD® 406 Stabilising Solution is a specially formulated microscopically fine polymer emulsion which penetrates deeply into dusty/chalky and badly weathered surfaces to leave a stable sound base for subsequent decoration with paint/wallpaper/tiling etc. Suitable for both interior and exterior use over plaster, rendering, pebbledash, stucco, existing painted surfaces, brickwork, blockwork etc.

  • Stabilises and binds interior and exterior friable surfaces prior to overcoating.
  • Seal and bonds together chalky, dirty and weathered surfaces.
  • Leaves a stable base for overpainting with most paints.
  • Exterior and interior use.
M.F.F.T 2°C Average Particle Size 0.1 Micron

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