EVERBUILD® Smart Tack®

Advanced spray bonding system forming a web pattern on application

EVERBUILD® Smart Tack® is an advanced spray bonding system that outperforms and outdates conventional contact adhesives, providing significant performance and time saving application benefits. Based on new technology resins, EVERBUILD® Smart Tack® is applied by spray and provides very fine strands of “high solids” adhesive that forms a web type pattern on application.

  • Fast Tacking: -  Surfaces can normally be “closed” after only 3-5 minutes
  • Long Open Time: - Surfaces can also be left open for up to 2 hours.
  • Immediate Handling: - High early bond strength allows item to be handled, cut drilled and planed within 5 minutes of closing.
  • High temperature: - Unaffected by temperatures up to 90°C (194°F).
  • Fast Application; - 15 times quicker than applying conventional contact adhesive by spreader.
  • Cost effective: - Goes approximately three times further than applying conventional contact adhesive by spreader.
  • Convenient; - No airline, electric or press. Easy to maintain, no mess.
  • Safer: - Low odour, no CFC`s, self contained systems.
  • Blue Colour: - Unique to EVERBUILD® Smart Tack® range.
Solids 28-32% Viscosity Low