Fast and cost efficient parts production with Sika’s tooling liquid product systems

High Performance Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems

Sika's tooling liquid product systems are two-component polyurethane or epoxy casting resins that are used in a wide range of applications and in a variety of industries.

These product systems meet all requirements for fast and cost efficient parts production such as foam-, RIM- and vacuumforming molds or foundry patterns and metal sheet foming tools. There are also suitable casting resins for making auxiliary items such as master and core models or negatives. Some fastcast resins are particularly dedicated to make scale models production, mock ups and prototypes.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Casting
of different potlifes, heat resistance properties or transparent effects with SikaBiresin® EP and PU casting resins
Everything made in
with Sika's fastcast, epoxy and polyurethane resin systems