Premium quality acrylic caulK

EVERBUILD CAULK ONCE!® is a premium quality acrylic caulk that has been formulated to outperform all other conventional decorating caulks and fillers. Fast-drying and permanently flexible, EVERBUILD CAULK ONCE!® can be over painted in 1 hour with all paint types or covered over with wallpaper. EVERBUILD CAULK ONCE!® has been manufactured using an advanced high quality polymer to offer superior adhesion, low shrink as well as tooling down smoothly.

  • Fast drying - can be overpainted in 1 hour.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Easy water clean up.
  • Excellent slump resistance.
Form Paste Viscosity 250-450,000 cP Shrinkage<25% (ISO10563)pH8.5-9.5Slump ResistanceNo slump ISO7390Application Temp. Range+4°C to +40°C