Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo MZ-1

Combined Superplasticiser /Viscosity Modifying Admixture for Precast Concrete Production

Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo MZ-1 is a liquid high performance superplasticiser and viscosity modifying admixture providing improved rheology and robustness to high workability concretes. Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo MZ-1 is based on polycarboxylate polymers.

  • High-range water reductions resulting in higher strengths and densities
  • Improved cohesion properties in highly fluid concrete or SCC
  • Improved durability
  • Improved early and ultimate strengths
  • Optimal rheology properties for SCC production
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Reduced drying shrinkage
  • Improved consistence retention
  • Improved surface finish