More Value

Several admixtures will allow for the production of concrete with extended durability in regular circumstances or even in a severe environment.

Sika® ViscoCrete® minimizes porosity in the cement matrix significantly

Sika® Control AER improves freeze/thaw resistance of concrete

Sika® Control SRA reduces drying shrinkage of concrete

More Value

The use of the right admixtures allows for the production of specialty concrete, which offer environmentally friendly applications or can be used instead of other building materials (i.e. pervious concrete, insulating concrete).

Sika® ViscoFlow® Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) enables the reduction of a structure's dimensions (wall thickness)

Sika® Stabilizer generates a stable paste layer around the aggregates

SikaPlast® ensures a high quality paste

Concrete batching plant using Sika admixtures for ready mix concrete production

Less Impact

Using alternative of recycled materials in a concrete mix often has a negative impact on the concrete fresh or hardened properties. Admixtures can be used efficiently to counter such effects.


SikaPlast® or Sika® ViscoCrete® ensure the use of concrete produced with recycled aggregates

Sika® Stabilizer Pump allows efficient concrete placing with the use of manufactured and recycled aggregates

SikaRapid® compensates for the loss of early strength by using SCM

Less Impact

A lot of energy is used in the production, placement or curing of cement and concrete. Several admixture and additive solutions allow for a reduction of this process energy.

Sika® ViscoCrete® or SikaPlast® offset the negative influence on final strength of the cement reduction through water reduction

SikaGrind® reduces of time to grind cement of a specified fineness

SikaRapid® allows for a reduction of steam curing in precast element production