Sikacrete® PP1


Sikacrete® PP1 is a concrete admixture of the new generation in powder form, based on the Sika Silica Fume Technology.

Sikacrete® PP1 contains extremely fine (0.1 μm) latently reactive silicone dioxide. The presence of this substance gives greatly improved internal cohesion and water retentivity. The concrete becomes extremely soft and the pumping properties are substancially improved. In the hardened concrete the latently reactive silica fume forms a chemical bond with the free lime. The additional crystal formation produces a significantly more dense cement matrix.   Sikacrete® PP1 is used in combination with Sikament® superplasticizer, the performance characteristics of concrete will be improved in the following ways :
  • Increased workability over a longer period of time
  • Green concrete exhibits excellent stability
  • Durability is greatly increased
  • Water permeability of set concrete is much reduced
  • Vapour permeability is much decreased
  • High resistance to carbonation
  • Infiltration of chlorides is very much reduced
  • Very high early and ultimate strengths
  • Reduced deteriortion of migration due to chloride and sulphate reaction
Sikacrete® PP1 does not contain chlorides, nor other potentially corrosive substances. It, therefore can be used with complete safety in steel or fibre-reinforced and prestressed concrete.