For a great many different exposure and performance requirements in industrial and commercial facilities, the application of a protective wall coating is frequently necessary. The specific demands on the wall can obviously vary according to the specific industry, the function of the area and the processes that are carried on inside it.

The electronic and optical industries need to have cleanroom conditions on the wall surfaces, with minimal VOC’s / AMC’s or particle emissions, plus they must be easy to clean and ensure the area remains dust free. For this increasingly demanding market Sikagard® Wallcoat N, a waterborne epoxy coating, already has all of the necessary certification and approvals. Sikagard® Wallcoat N is also the ideal solution for food & beverage plants in the areas where food stuffs are produced, these usually have a cleaning regime using high pressure water-jetting with strong detergents and cleaning agents. Sikagard® Wallcoat N perfectly combines good chemical resistance, mechanical resistance and the required ease of cleaning.

These coatings have been fully tested in accordance with many European standards including EN 13501 (Behaviour in Fire), ISO 846 (biological resistance), EN 18033 (Wet scrub resistance and opacity).