SikaFiber® Force-50

Polyolefin macro fibres for concrete

SikaFiber® Force-50 are 50 mm long polyolefin macro fibres for use in structural concrete

  • Packaged in soluble bags for easy dosing
  • Provides better cohesion of the fresh concrete
  • Dissipates strains in concrete and prevents structural cracking
  Improves characteristics of hardened concrete
  • Crack bridging capacity
  • Higher flexural and shear strength
  • Improves loading capacity and ductility
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Increases resistance to freeze thaw attack
Fibres in reinforced concrete
  • Reduces or eliminates the amount of steel reinforcement
  • Easier to handle than reinforcement bars and meshes
  • No need for cutting or tying
  • Reduces construction time
  • Homogeneously embedded throughout concrete matrix
  • Fills edges, corners and difficult shapes
Compared to steel fibres
  • No corrosion stains on surface
  • Greater displacement capacity due to higher stresses