Sika ViscoFlow®-3000

High range water reducing/superplasticising concrete admixture with fast absorption characteristics

Sika ViscoFlow®-3000is a liquid admixture for concrete based on unique polycarboxylate polymers technologies.  Sika ViscoFlow®-3000 is designed as a high range water reducer or superplasticiser. It is particularly suited for use in concretes that require low water/cement ratios and / or high water reductions. The product provides fast adsorption resulting in highly efficient dispersion and potential reduction in mixing time. Sika ViscoFlow®-3000 meets the requirements of BS EN 934-2 table.

  • High range water reductions resulting in higher strengths and densities
  • Improved mixing times
  • Improved cohesion properties
  • Improved early and ultimate strengths
  • Excellent placement characteristics
  • Improved rheology
  • Improved durability
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Reduced drying shrinkage
  • Reduced mix costs