SikaPaver® HC-1

High performance compaction aid for semi-dry concrete products

SikaPaver® HC-1 is a high performance compaction aid for semi-dry concrete, especially designed for even mould filling behaviour in combination with swipe formation at the concrete element flanks.

SikaPaver® HC-1 has been designed especially for
the application in semi-dry concrete and
  • Better dispersion and wetting of cement, additives and pigments
  • Reduced friction between cement and aggregates
  • Introduction of small, evenly distributed air pores
  This leads in fresh semi-dry concrete to the following
  • Granular mould-filling properties also at higher water contents
  • Stronger compactability, which allows for example achieving shorter cycle time or higher concrete densities
  • Reduced adhesion between the face mix and the tamper head
  • Increased green strength (shape keeping) after immediate de-molding

In hardened concrete, SikaPaver® HC-1 hence
  • Higher concrete density and strength
  • Smoother and more homogenious concrete surfaces and flanks
  • Increased frost and de-icing resistance
  • Better durability
  • Less quality variations and consequently less second grade products