In recent years Sika has developed a new generation of advanced flooring, wall coating and joint sealant solutions for cleanroom environments. Manufacturing under cleanroom conditions is becoming increasingly more widespread and demanding, with particular regard to VOC / AMC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds / Airborne Molecular Contaminants), particle emissions and biological contamination.

Many Sikafloor®, Sikagard® and Sikaflex® systems are the ‘State of the Art’ in cleanroom solutions, specifically developed and certified for cleanroom environments ranging from those in the Semi-conductor and Electronics industries to those in the Life Science industries. Therefore, we are the ideal partner to help you select the best solutions for your individual processes and cleanroom requirements and with the unique CSM product qualification.

CSM – Cleanroom Suitable Materials are the world’s first standardised product qualifications according to the ISO 14644 and GMP standards for all cleanroom and life science markets. The aim of founding the industrial alliance “Cleanroom Suitable Materials” was to form a sound scientific basis for assessing the cleanroom suitability of materials and for determining the material selection criteria for cleanroom applications. Sika was a founding member of this alliance and plays an active role in the development of these standards and regulations.