Parex Fine Bedding Concrete (FBC)

BS 7533 Compliant, Hard Landscaping, Fine Bedding Mortar for the Laying of Natural Stone Slabs, Pavers, Setts, etc. 

Parex Fine Bedding Concrete (FBC) is a cementitious, polymer reinforced, single-component mortar for the placing and bedding of paving units. The mix design includes powerful plasticising agents which produce a workable mortar, suitable for bedding slabs, pavers and setts. The low water requirement enables the placed mortar to rapidly develop the compressive strength required to support the placed paving elements. Parex Fine Bedding Concrete (FBC) is an integral member of the Parex / Sika Streetscape Range, and is designed specifically to conform to the relevant parts of BS 7533, ensuring performance and longevity. It should be used in conjunction with Parex Bond Plus Mortar to ensure sufficient bond strengths are achieved; and Parex Granatech or Parex SettPoint, to provide a fully compliant bedding and jointing system for hard landscaping projects.  

  • Pre-batched for simplicity: only requires the measured addition of water. 
  • Cost-effective.  
  • Ready for on-site mixing. 
  • Formulated for ease of use and to meet (and exceed in some respects) the requirements of BS 7533-101: Code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units. 
  • Integral part of the Streetscape Range. 
  • Available in 25 kg and bulk bags. 
  • Good freeze-thaw stability. 
  • Resistant to oils and many chemical environments. 
  • Wide range of application thicknesses achievable (30-75 mm). 
  • Euroclass A1 fire rating.