Agricultural and Construction Vehicles

Agricultural & Construction Vehicles

Cabin Bonding & Sealing before Paint

Manufacturers of agricultural and construction vehicles use different processes in the production and assembly of the cabin structure. Corrosion protection and a perfect final paint finish must be completed early in the vehicle assembly process. The vehicle structure should demonstrate high strength and maximum durability in order to ensure optimum operator / user safety.
Sika provides a range of material technologies ideally suited to such challenging and diverse environments. SikaPower body shop adhesives and sealants are heat curing products based on one and two component epoxy hybrid technology. They are easy to combine with other joining technologies. Flexibility, durability and a reduction in the number of spot welding points are just some of the advantages provided by this sealing and bonding technology. Sikaflex sealants and adhesives provide high performance elastic assembly and sealing within an easy-to-use one-component formulation for low bake condition. Sikaflex hot cure (HC) polyurethane adhesives and sealants cure rapidly by exposure to heat in the paint shop. SikaFast two-component adhesives combine low surface preparation and high tensile strength with rapid de-jigging and full cure.

Direct Glazing & Open Joint Sealing

For over 20 years, Sika has been providing caravan, motorhome, bus and coach, automotive, truck and rail OEM assembly lines with solutions for direct glazing. Primerless, manual and automated pretreatment options are available to fit the needs of a variety of OEM application processes in order to create significant cost savings and manufacturing process simplification.

Sika offers a wide range of adhesive technologies to suit all direct glazing applications. Specific Sikaflex solutions are available to suit cold, warm and hot application processes. Proprietary Sikaflex materials are capable of retaining the glass in position following installation, allowing for elimination of secondary clips, fixings and tape. Sikaflex materials can also provide low electrically conductive properties for elimination of galvanic corrosion. The SikaTack-Plus Booster range provides the ultimate solution for OEM’s seeking excellent mechanical properties with the shortest possible full cure time. Unlike traditional two-component products, this boosted one component system has the significant benefit of full material cure irrespective of the presence of the accelerator paste, providing enhanced
process/quality consistency and security.

Trim Shop Bonding & Sealing

Recent years have seen a dramatic improvement in the styling and appearance of construction and agricultural vehicles. The installation of air-conditioning and higher interior trim levels are clear indicators of such changes in overall vehicle sophistication. The use of thermoset composites and thermoplastic materials is now common for such applications, and has enabled significant improvement in vehicle styling and aerodynamic behaviour.Sika has formulated a range of materials to exceed customer requirements for this challenging application. Sikaflex PUR adhesives and sealants provide a high performance elastic assembly within an easy-to-use one-component formulation. Sikaflex Hybrid, the silan terminated polymer technology, provides the high performance of Sikaflex polyurethane systems combined with reduced substrate preparation and improved ecological benefits. SikaFast two-component acrylic-based structural adhesives provide high strength and excellent impact resistance with low surface preparation. SikaForce two-component PUR adhesives demonstrate high strength, good flexibility and are capable of curing at room or elevated temperatures.

Structural Bonding of Doors & Closures

Doors, motor hoods and other parts of the finished vehicle must fulfil the same requirements as the primary cabin structure. Fast assembly of a high-strength structure and use metal or structural composite material is required. Reduction of the assembly process or the use of structural adhesives will provide the opportunities to achieve these targets. Sika provides different solutions to support the customer in his efforts and endeavours. SikaPower support the manufacturing of welding reduced parts, simply use the re-coat and paint process to fix it. SikaFast provide high strength and excellent impact resistance with low surface preparation. SikaForce demonstrate high strength, good flexibility and are capable of curing at room or elevated temperatures. Sikaflex adhesives and sealants provide a high-performance elastic assembly within an easy-to-use one-component formulation.