Solar Energy

Systems: Solar Energy

Building Integrated Photovoltaic

The market for Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions is rising rapidly. Manifold ideas for facades and in-roof systems demand a great freedom of design and made-to-measure solutions.  Sika’s versatile range of proven and certified systems in Facades and Insulating Glass meets these requirements perfectly.

Concentrating Solar Power

In the field of Concentrated Solar Power the perfect shape of the mirrors is essential. Furthermore, the harsh operating conditions such as exceedingly high and low temperatures as well as a strong UV-radiation and high wind loads make this system to a real technical challenge. Our range of structural bonding products which can stand such extreme conditions and allow movements to the components will successfully meet these requirements

Crystalline Photovoltaic Systems

The demand for cost reduction and an increased panel size on one hand, and new design options with reduced framing on the other hand are major tasks in the field of Crystalline PV. Our wide range of adhesives makes this demand easily feasible. Sika provides bonding and sealing solutions for framing, stiffener bars as well as for junction boxes with high resistance to weathering, UV and heat exposure.

Solar Thermal

In the Solar Thermal industry many collector producers have grown rapidly and are merging from a manual piece-by-piece production to a fully automated in-line production process. To simplify this step as well as for material savings and durability increase, bonding is the best suitable option. Next to the process ability the adhesives also have to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

Thin Film Photovoltaic Systems

In bonding of substructures for the mounting of the modules no frames and clamps are needed. Next to facilitate the installation, the system costs may be reduced and the durability increased. As different constructions are feasible a great freedom of design is achievable especially for BIPV. Sika provides various structural adhesives with different curing speeds for diverse production processes