Building Panels

Building Panels

Insulated Panels

The SikaForce range of 1 and 2 component PUR adhesives are ideal for the continuous and discontinuous manufacture of insulated building panels.  Their combination of rapid curing and long open time gives high output and low waste due to reduced line stoppages.  Fire approved systems are available within the range to meet the new Euroclass A2 requirements.  SikaForce products have excellent application properties providing solutions for bead, spray and jet spray applications within the range.

Door Panels

Both SikaMelt and SikaForce product ranges are utilised in the manufacture of door panels because of their ability to bond a wide range of substrates including plastics often without the need for additional surface treatment. Sikaflex is used for in-door glaze bonding and frame installation. SikaFast is used for structural assembly of door frames prior to installation.

Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels are bonded both continuously and discontinuously using SikaForce 1 and 2 component systems.  Sika Trocal or Sarnafill waterproof membranes can be applied either on site or  directly onto the panel in the production environment.

Decorative Panels

A wide range of material combinations are used in the manufacture of decorative panels with SikaMelt and SikaForce ideally suited to this application.  The rapid processing capability of SikaMelt and the high mechanical strength of SikaForce offer a solution for all applications from lightweight decorative  panels through o high performance honeycomb panel bonding.