Liquid Admixtures

Sika ViscoBond®

An all in one concentrated admixture for mortar and concrete. Ideal for use as a primer, hardener, plasticiser and waterproofer.

Sika® Mix+

A general purpose, economic liquid plasticiser and improver for brick and blockwork mortars.

Sika® Mix PMP

Sika Mix Powdered Mortar Plasticiser (Sika PMP) is a pre-measured air entraining admixture which complies to EN 934 and replaces or complements the use of lime in sand and cement bricklaying and rendering.

Sika® Accelerator

Cold weather and rapid hardening admixture for mortars and concretes.

Sika® Wintermix

A chloride free, winter working admixture for concrete that is suitable for use with steel reinforcement.


General purpose economic waterproofing admixture for mortars and concretes.

SikaBond® PVA+

General purpose economic adhesive, sealer and mortar improver.

SikaCim® Fibres

An easy to use powder and fibre admixture that gives enhanced strength and minimises cracking and shrinkage in concrete.