Damp-Proofing Systems

Sika® Damp Proofing Slurry

Sika Damp-proofing Slurry is a one component polymer modified cement based waterproof coating comprising of special cement based components and admixtures. When mixed with water a slurry or mortar material is produced for direct application to a variety of construction substrates.

SikaMur® InjectoCream

Injection waterproofing for the control of rising damp. SikaMur-InjectoCream is a new concept for the control of rising damp. SikaMur- InjectoCream is a water repellent cream. It is inserted into a series of holes drilled into a mortar course of the masonry by means of a simple application gun - no special injection pump required. Once injected to the mortar course, SikaMur- InjectoCream will diffuse within the damp wall to form a water repellent barrier (Damp-Proof Course, DPC) and block future rising damp.