Waterstopping Resins/ Injection Grouts

Sika® Injection-101 RC

Temporary waterstopping agent.

Sika® Injection-304

Provides a new Sealant surface in damp or water saturated ground conditions. Sika Injection-304 is a very low viscous, elastic and very quick-gelling polyacrylic injection gel. The material reacts to form a waterproof, elastic but solid gel with good adhesion to both dry and wet substrates.

Sika® InjectoCem-190

Sika® InjectoCem-190 is a two part injection grout based on micro cement (d 95 < 9.5 μ m) with added corrosion inhibitors.

Sikadur®-52 Injection LP

Injection adhesive for the sealing of voids and cracks in civil engineered buildings. Sikadur-52 Injection Type N is a two part, solvent-free, low viscosity injection liquid, based on high strength epoxy resin.Type N (= Normal Potlife) is used for substrate temperatures between +5°C and +30°C (UK).

Sika® Injection-306

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