Sika is a proven and reliable partner to the whole building and construction industry. Worldwide we provide our customers far more than just the best ‘state of the art’ and technically proven waterproofing materials. We also assist and add value for our customers, by providing many more support services for our products and their installation.

CAD Details, Technical Documentation

A wide range of CAD drawings, Installation Guidelines, Method Statements, Product Data Sheets and considerable additional technical documentation, Approvals and Certificates are available for Sika solutions.

Substrate Inspection and Preparation

The concrete substrate is the basic of a new floor, whether it is new or existing. Thorough inspection and assessment are essential to determine its condition and the necessary surface preparation for a successful flooring system to be applied.
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Product Mixing

Each Sikafloor product needs to be thoroughly mixed prior to application. The mixer used should always be of a low speed, compulsory/forced action type.
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Application Tools

Sika offers a large selection of tools for the application of floors such as: Barrel- cart (modified for drum handling with a trolley), rollers, straight trowels, etc.

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Technical and Product Trainings

The many different applications for Sika flooring systems require different installation techniques and detailing solutions. Sika also offers technical and application training courses for contractors to educate them on the various Sika flooring systems and application methods.
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Maintenance and Cleaning Advices

The Sikafloor systems are installed for a long life span and Sika specialists offer maintenance and cleaning advices for the systems in various environments where they are installed.

Tailor Made Guarantee Concepts

Sika offers various warranty options on Sika Flooring and Coating Systems, each with different durations. Please contact your local sales representative for system specifications.