Fire Resistant Coatings

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum

Sika Unitherm platinum is an epoxy fire protection coating to be used on structural steel for interior and exterior conditions.
Sika Unitherm platinum is forming a heat insulation layer under the influence of fire and improves the fire resistance of steel parts like columns, girders and framework.
Sika Unitherm platinum is independently fire tested and approved to international test standards like EN 13381-8 and BS 476 part 20-22.

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum-120

Sika  Unitherm  Platinum-120 is  a  solvent-free,  100%  solids,  modified  epoxy based, intumescent   fire   protection   coating   for   internally   or   externally exposed  structural  steel,  where  it  provides  high  durability  and  combined corrosion  protection  (to  ISO  12944,  Class  5-I  &  5-M)  and  fire  protection (up to R120).
It  is  easily  applied  with  standard  airless  spray  equipment,  requires  no reinforcement,  cures
rapidly  to  a  very  tough  and  damage  resistant  finish, ready for handling and transport next day.

Sika® Permacor®-2707

Sika® Permacor®-2706 EG