Cement Additives

Increased volume demands, price competition and environmental requirements have created pressures on the cement industry. By focusing on these requirements Sika can help to design specific new products based on our innovative and cost effective technologies. 


SikaGrind® Technology enables many of these requirement to be achieved by:   

  • Reducing clinker volumes   
  • Increased production rates and milling efficiency   
  • Reducing CO2 emissions   
  • Lowering energy consumption   
  • Improving cement quality 


To assist process improvements and cement optimisation, Sika specialists provide technical support to reduce your energy costs and emissions, increase productivity and speed up loading and transportation. The performance of cements can be substantially increased, allowing the production of high grade cements with reduced clinker content and shorter grinding periods required.   


  • SikaGrind® ginding additives - to enhance the properties of cement and increase the grinding efficiency.   
  • SikaGrind® quality improvers – to improve the performance of cement and allow the use of increased clinker replacement.


SikaGrind 304 is a liquid cement additive that has been specifically formulated to suppress the carbon staining associated with PFA blended cements.


SikaGrind® 350 is a chloride free liquid additive to allow easier grinding and enhance the characteristics of the cement.


SikaGrind® 500 is a liquid cement additive that has been specifically formulated to increase the grinding efficiency and flowability of cement.