Sika Ireland’s exemplary commitment to training is widely recognised in the construction industry, and this commitment extends to the Continual Professional Development of construction professionals.

We have a range of CPDs covering all our target market applications. Please get in touch using the form below to book a complimentary session.

Asset Management of Concrete Buildings

This CPD covers the following areas specifically designed for those involved in the repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete buildings:

  • When and why refurbishment of reinforced concrete buildings is required
  • Why corrosion takes place
  • What is the standard BS EN 1504
  • How the process of BS EN 1504 should be followed
  • Types of systems available for concrete repair, protection, corrosion management, anti-graffiti and structural strengthening
  • What you should expect from the manufacturer
Flooring by Design

This Sika Flooring CPD presentation aims to assist specifiers when designing and selecting flooring solutions that:

  • Fulfil functional and aesthetic design requirements by selecting the right flooring
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different flooring types and applications
  • What to look for when choosing a flooring supplierEnvironmental and sustainability overview
Roofing: Sika-Trocal: Effective Design of Single Ply Roof Systems

This CPD presentation aims to assist specifiers when designing and selecting single ply roofing solutions:

  • Design Considerations - Choosing a single ply system and designing to best practice.
  • Quality Suppliers - Support and services from single ply manufacturers.
  • Guarantees - Flexibility and options.
  • Industry and Legislation - Meeting standards.
  • Sectors and Build Types - Considerations and methods.
  • History and Group Information - On both Sika-Trocal and the Sika Group.
Roofing: Sika Sarnafil: Selecting Flat Roof Systems to Meet Modern Demands (RIBA CPD APPROVED)

Sika Sarnafil's CPD seminar supports specifiers, contractors and clients understanding of the issues surrounding the specification of single ply roofing.

  • Design of flat roofs – cold, warm, protected, green, solar and blue roofs
  • Design considerations - achieving falls, drainage and ponding, wind uplift, BRE accredited details, CDM, Sustainability and BIM
  • Roof systems
  • Installation, training and quality assurance  
Reducing & Managing Risk

As liquid membranes become more prominent in the roofing market, we have found that the demand for our CPD seminars has also increased, and as a result we aim to update every presentation on a regular basis so that we can provide current, relevant, and educational information.

  • Providing levels of required performance & guarantees within your budget.
  • Meeting current & predicted legislative requirements.
  • Reducing the risk of litigation & associated consequences.
Sealing & Bonding CPD's High Performance Structural Adhesive Systems for Glazed and Panel Facades

This seminar is a general introduction to façade structural adhesives specifically relating to commercial building for all designers, including architects and architectural technicians, structural engineers and building surveyors.

  • Adhesive technologies available and typical fabrication methods.
  • Use of high strength adhesives and the particular benefits they can impact.
  • Relevant accreditation and online adhesive joint calculation tools.
  • Health and wellbeing impacted by increased natural daylight through glazed façades
  • Improvements in thermal performance via the use of structural façade adhesives
Basement Waterproofing Technologies & Solutions

This seminar analyses the different grades of use in accordance with BS 8102 - 2009 Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground. Considers the various solutions of waterproofing both above and below ground available to the specifier. 

  • Special feature – Overview of updated BS 8102
  • Satisfying the 3 grades of use in accordance with BS 8102 - 2009
  • Protection of structures against water from the ground   
  • Rising water tables   
  • BS 8102 - 2009 standard overview

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