Why is sustainability an important topic?

Sustainability and integrity are one of Sika’s values and principles that are the basis of our strategy and the successful future of the business, which we have adapted to our local strategy. Moreover it is related to social responsibility, we have to think of our future generations. We should guarantee the continuity of our business with a minimum of negative environmental impact.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

We have in our organization a team for "Sustainability and Integrity" which is in charge of developing and presenting projects related to the reasonable use of resources and its reuse where it's  possible. In Sika Colombia there is an awareness about this topic and the team work of Sustainability and Integrity with other areas is important to develop projects that provides value. The ideas of the projects are presented to the General Manager and if they are viable they have all my support for its execution.

How is the campaign contributing to your success??

It has been an opportunity to organize better the sustainability activities we have been developing, linking them with improvements in process, reducing costs and adding value to the business.

What are the main achievements?

  • More than 9.000 tons of rain water used in sanitary and production process.
  • More than 800 tons of process industrial water recycled for sanitary process.
  • Technological conversion of all the calderas to natural gas – more efficiency less contamination.
  • 140 tons of recycled material, less garbage!
  • 18 tons of compost production for improvement of soils.
  • More than 5.500 kg of additives debris recovery in compost biological process.

Can you give three recommendations?

  • From my point of view the most important topic is the commitment of the General Manager to promote and support these initiatives inside the company.
  • To have an area responsible for Sustainability, to implement the projects.
  • To look for the good relation cost-benefit in all the presented projects and adding value to the business.