Sika aims to boost the sustainability performance of its production sites by reducing water consumption and treating water locally. The company implements measures to reduce consumption or to use lower-grade water qualities, especially in geographic regions where water is scarce. Efficient production means closed loop cooling and switching from public to surface and ground water, reducing the amount of drinking water used in production. By reusing wastewater, Sika aims to reduce its water consumption on a larger scale. The Group goal is:

Target: 3% less water consumption per ton and year
This includes water consumed by all Sika operating companies and units, both industrial and nonindustrial sites, whether from public utilities or from ground or surface water sources.

Implementation: In 2015, Sika used approximately 1.7 million cubic meters of water (previous year*: 2 million cubic meters). With water consumption per ton sold down by around 25% to 0.41 cubic meters (revised figure for the previous year: 0.55*), Sika significantly exceeded its target.

Sika invested in various water efficiency projects at its plants worldwide during the year under review, for example in the installation of a new cooling system at a major Sika plant: cooling water was replaced by a closed cooling water circuit. This led to a nearly 80% reduction in Sika’s water consumption in the United States. Sika Peru undertook a quite different project of an educational nature by installing a hydroculture greenhouse on its premises. The projects aims to help employees develop a better understanding of water as a precious resource.

* The values from the 2014 Annual Report have been retroactively adjusted in line with renewed availability and factored into the calculation of the key figures.