Chris Liu, Sika Product Marketing Specialist for Concrete, Sika China

I am Chris Lu, Sika Product Marketing Specialist for Concrete, Sika China. Since I joined the company, one aspect of my work has been to learn about and get involved in various projects. As a graduate, every time I take over a new project, it is necessary to make preparations and conduct research. Lately I had the chance, to get in-depht knowledge about the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, a giant entertainment complex in eastern China. This area will cover the annual international film festival, the eye-catching international yacht exhibition, and the excellent shopping and entertainment center.

The project is directly located by the sea, its buildings require special protection from corrosion. Sika FerroGard®-901 C was used to shield the buildings and prolong their service life. The developer specifically selected Sika FerroGard®-901 C, because it is an excellent compound type concrete corrosion inhibitor. By forming a protective film over the surface of the metal, the product is able reduce corrosion. It can also slow further erosion by means of competitive adsorption. In previous cases, Sika® FerroGard has proved its outstanding performance by more than tripling the lifespan of reinforced concrete. However, time is changing: people as well as places. And it’s motivating, to take part in the current developments of my country.

So far I`ve been working in Sika for 1.5 years, which hardly counts, comparing with other long-term experienced workmates. I`ve seen how the colleagues working in sales work with enthusiasm. We all care for our customers, not only in terms of selling products, but most important in terms of building trust. That accomplishes solid bonds. As a member of the team, we care for each other, we find the best solution and we share our success.