This trip to our subsidiary in Japan offered the chance to gain a unique insight in Sika’s work, competencies and expertise in this exceptional country. The students gained hands-on experience in laboratories, visited production plants and job sites where they saw the real application of solutions and systems.


  • ready-mix concrete factory
  • spraying ultra high speed curing urethane of Dyflex
  • visit of the Dyflex Tsukuba plant

Chihiro: "Today, I went to the Dyflex Tsukuba Plant and R+D. I study concrete at university. Therefore, I didn’t know urethan very much. Therefore, everything was so new to me! In there, I tried to spray waterproofing on a board. It was exciting! And, I was surprised at the speed at which the waterproofing became hard!"

Shuhei: "I learned the knowledge of ready-mixed concrete and saw the factory. In University, I’ve been studying polyurethane and I didn’t have a chance to learn ready-mixed concrete. Hence it was a valuable experience for me!!"

Tomoyasu: "At first, Mr. Koichi Oba who is the president of Sika Japan presented Sika for us. [...] What impressed me most is how to do business, for example, if we do new business developments we must predict demands of the world at least five years later, etc. Anyway, I can learn many things!! Thank you Mr. Koichi Oba."

Masumi works at Sika Japan and accompanied the students. She also took some nice pictures during their workshop.

Masumi: "The three students were very interested in the actual product application, especially Shuhei looks so happy when asking about urethane because he is a specialist of urethan among us!!