Two countries - two cultures

China is an important market for Sika where we grow continually and expand our geographic presence. Australia is a marketplace that faces challenges such as higher costs for raw materials and energy, faster growth in emerging economies and growing global and local competition, it is vital to be able to innovate.

Sika is committed to putting high-performance solutions into practice. Our local Technology Competence Centers fosters research on local raw materials and provide tailor-made solutions for the local markets, produced in several factories locally. Our employees go the extra mile to satisfy the heavy demand of the local market.


  • Laboratory visits and workshop
  • Training of bonding the coiled materials
  • Visit of Hongqiao airport roof

Abrahams: "What a great opportunity it has been to attend on such program. Not only did we learn a great deal about Sika’s Business processes and product range in China and Australia, but we developed great friendships with people from across the world. It was a pleasure spending time with the Chinese student in completing such program."

Yuan: "Thanks a lot to Sika which provided us such wonderful and unforgettable journey. Thank you Maryanne, April and Jenny. During this trip I learned a lot about Sika. I found that Sika is everywhere and Sika spirit is everywhere - innovation and sustainability. Even if the trip is over I know that our friendship with the Sika company will last forever."

Amin: "Today we learned about Sika Sarnafil Waterproofing System in Sika Sarnafil factory in Shanghai. It was quite interesting for me since it is more related to my field of studies, civil engineering!"

Yin: "We also learned some products of Sika which being application on the cars, buses, and trains, we really learned so much from the wonderful speech about Sika industry department. We visited the factory of Sika at Suzhou, the 6S management and the EHS both impressed me a lot."

Mohammadreza: "We also welded membranes manually. It was fun that we had a kind of a competition where Amin won [...] At first it seemed to be very simple but to be honest, it was really complex. I think one of the most significant part of this system is the installation stage, particularly in joints and openings."

Niu: "At the very beginning of the second day, we met Phillipp & Ge Zhao, who gave us detailed introduction of the Sika Shanghai as well as the Sika water-proofing roof materials. I don’t know our roof could be made of so complex materials, which contains three lays e.g. PVC, PS insulation and metal deck, before this training."