Sika Experience goes underground

The Sika Mining Experience introduced four students to the amazing world of Chile’s mines and the technical preconditions for working in a mine. As a highlight they got the once-in-a-lifetime-chance to visit a big mine near Antofagasta in northern Chile together with our specialists. During these view days they conveyed interesting details and received breathtaking insights.


  • El Teniente, biggest underground copper mine (Rancagua)
  • Cono sur Winery and vineyards (Maipo)
  • Antofagasta copper mine
  • Chuquicamata mine, biggest open pit copper mine

Monserrat: "The difficulty in finding the right words so as to express this sensation I am feeling I think it probably comes due to the fact that this trip fulfilled all my expectations; not only it gave me the chance to be inside the big world that involves the mining industry, it also, and more importantly, made me realize that I am actually at the right place and in the right time professionally speaking."

Ana: "We visited the deserted city of Chuquicamata and observe the plant where the mined material is processed. We saw, in the field, the application of Sika products in the construction and fortification of tunnels in the new project of the underground mine in Chuquicamata."

Jorge: "I am very surprised that Sika is very important in the process because with its Sika Dust product, the wine industry can prevent the pests and make the process more sustainable."

Danilo is working at Sika Chile and accompanied the students on their Experience trip. For him too, this was a special trip.

Danilo: "Have the chance to see directly, the magnitude of this process was something amazing, really hard to describe or even understand: the biggest hill in Santiago, called “Cerro Santa Lucia” could be erase in just one day of “normal” work of this mine…unbelievable."