Challenges around the globe

Sika offers internship for students and graduates around the world. We offer them professional insights into their field of study and lay a cornerstone for their future career.

Montserrat (Promotion Assistant, Mexico): "Something of what we do is to prepare the gifts to the Sika customers, also in charge of the logistics and coordination of some events of the company e.g. the 50th anniversary. CRM also updates Sikas website, publicity, P.R. and the edition of the local magazines (Hecho en Sika). "

Romina (Chemical Analysis, Chile): "This is how I’ve take advantage of my experience, gaining knowledge of how to use tools that make easier the task of quality control of a product, and offer better products to market that leave consumers satisfied, and meet their needs."

Elvis (Technical Services Lab, USA): "Here at Sika, we are always trying to improve our products and our data sheets for the customer. This week’s project was with Sikafloor 1610 which is under our Industrial Flooring division. Our task was to test the workability, penetration ability, and how well it sealed off the concrete pores."

Flora (Web Services, France): "Yes we are B2B, our main clients are enterprises and big distributors. But [...] for Sika France, every client needs to be treated equally. The volume of one’s buying does not deprive him of the right to be informed correctly in an understandable way. We treasure every single client and we are striking to satisfy them to the maximum."

Alison (Chemistry, Switzerland): "...I had the opportunity to do some of my work in different laboratories here [...]. It really makes a difference to see the whole polymer production and analysis process on a bigger scale! So far it’s been a real insight into the ongoing of industry life. What I find really motivating is all the passion from the guys at Sika and how they manage to create such a good team and company value."

Sigourney (Marketing, USA): "Last summer, I worked closely with the Marketing Product Manager on launching the online Resource Center for our national sales teams. With the Resource Center up and running, Sarnafil sales men and women now have access to project profiles and photos, presentations, brochures, and other important documents from anywhere in the country. It is exciting to have been a part of a project that is not only nationally utilized, but makes things a little easier for our sales people on the road."