Sika Awards

Our aim is to reach out to the students in our field and give them a practical task. Case studies conducted in universities address civil engineers, material engineers, architects and other students. The participants work out their solutions to the task and hand in their solutions.

Prize awards

To acknowledge the best ideas and solutions we award the winning projects with a prize! Check out the projects in universities around the world. We are at the beginning of the new era of experiencing Sika and we are looking forward get in touch with talents around the world.


The Premios de Prontuario Sika have a long tradition in Spain. They have reached out to many students over the years and we are looking forward to many new projects in the years to come.

Premios de Prontuario Sika

Sika Spain


With "Premio Sika" Sika Colombia has reached many students from industry fields and civil engineering. They will continue the successful project in 2014.

Premio Sika Facebook page

Sika Colombia


For several years Sika Portugal has given awards for outstanding work of students. Their last case study picked "Technical Solutions and Social Responsibility" as topic.

Sika Academy Facebook page

Sika Portugal


Chile is one of the new countries to organize Sika awards. Sika Chile has already started the project in several universities.

Sika Chile

Sika Award Russia

The Sika Awards 2015 was organized by Sika Russia for students of architecture, civil engineering, design, and other relevant professions in universities and faculties throughout Russia.