Werner Angehrn, Head Corporate Training and Development at Sika, explains the role and the aim of the Sika Business School.
The Sika Business School – the training brand of Sika - is dedicated to the performance of Sika staff and of customers. Sika’s ambition is to enable individuals and teams to perform: by transforming information into new knowledge and to get aligned with the strategic development of Sika. The Sika Business School combines and integrates training activities on corporate, regional and even local level.

How do you bridge the gap between global and local learning objectives?
Werner Angehrn: The programs managed by Corporate Training and Development and by the Business Units offer a knowledge framework addressing Sika’s global business ambitions and local requirements. It takes the individual market situation into consideration and allows adaptions to focus content on very specific local demands.

Sika is successful on a global scale, but our solutions have to be tailored to the requirements of individual markets. The key for success is not only to 'think global, act local', but also to 'share and network properly'. Customers need goods and services that speak to their own individual needs. The Sika Business School is entirely committed to this demand.

What is the teaching- and learning approach of the Sika Business School?
Werner Angehrn: The pillars of the program encompass four characteristics: The integration of internal specialists, including members of Sika senior management. Those specialists share their expertise mainly by delivering case studies which reflect real (Sika) business situations.

Secondly, the cooperation of external training providers and the alignment with the Sika talent development process. Last but not least, the systematic “Train-the Trainer” approach conveys expertise of experts in Sika’s Business Units. Well qualified people who understand their business and demonstrate how to create added value are a key part of this approach.

Why do both employees and customers benefit from the Sika Business School?
Werner Angehrn:
Employees not only get trained, they have the opportunity for networking and creating interest and enthusiasm for their work. This kind of enthusiasm makes the difference: Individuals and teams who know their business and the customer’s needs will perform better if they enjoy their work, the collaboration with people and the quest for the best solutions. That ensures customer satisfaction too. But not only. The Sika Business School offers highly customized workshops, seminars and trainings for customers too.

Which are the striking highlights of Sika trainings in the Sika Business School?
Werner Angehrn: Participants are highly motivated by the case studies reflecting real business activities. The degree of enthusiasm and team spirit is overwhelming. The participant’s heterogeneous expertise and cultural background as well as the newly gained hands-on experience further encourage individuals and teams to exceed the expectations of clients in the daily work.