Competent people – the key to Sika’s success

The key to Sika’s success are competent people, people like you, people, who are curious and aim to use and further develop their specific knowledge. Therefore we are always looking for well qualified people who understand their business and demonstrate how to create added value. Sika offers many challenging and at the same time rewarding opportunities.

Caring about people, shaping your career

Training programmes, specialist’s communities and the Sika Business School are enhancing both individual and organizational performance and development. Sika Business School (SBS) acts as Sika's training brand, combining and integrating training activities initiated on corporate, regional and local levels.

Specialists, Sika Senior Managers and members of the Sika Group Management are working with joint forces in order to bring you and the company forward. As Sika is a truly global company, we encourage the continuous learning for all people on all levels, and we strive to offer international projects and careers.

What means "Building Trust" for Sika's employees


Excellence in Leadership

Sika is looking for managers on all levels in order to turn experience into leadership and information into usable knowledge. The company develops managers who demonstrate the requisite leadership skills and competencies that drive superior performance in support of Sika's success. Special programmes provide Senior Managers, Key Owner Managers, (Key) Project Managers, Engineering Consultants and Technical Executive Staff with the corresponding know-how, for example the business development of special target markets.