• How to work smart ...

    How to work smart ...

    Sika nurtures the skills and entrepreneurial spirit of its employees and delegates decisions and responsibilities to the appropriate level of competence.

    How to work smart
  •  Do you have the Sika Spirit?

    Do you have the Sika Spirit?

    We believe in the competence and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. Our team is the biggest asset we have. Find out more about our current job vacancies in Linkedin ...

    Do you have the Sika spirit?
  • Success throughout

    Success throughout

    You are fond of challenging and rewarding tasks. Working, producing results, enjoying corporate and individual success. Sika supports your success story.

    How to work successfully?
  • Job Gateway

    Job Gateway

    New opportunities are arising. Screen job vacancies at Sika and get in touch online. Your future with Sika starts now.

    How to apply