Alliance for Global Sustainability

In the year 2000 the Alliance for Global Sustainability (a unique university partnership between MIT Boston, University of Tokyo, ETH Zurich and Chalmers University, Gothenburg) started an initiative under the title Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) to realize intensive two-week summer courses in a small mountain village in Switzerland.

The aim was to bring together students from all over the world to discuss and debate, share diverse cultural and disciplinary experiences, plan their own strategies and visions towards a sustainable world and define their roles as future academics and scientists in the process of sustainable development. To date, more than 1'200 students from over 90 different countries have been trained in the YES courses.

The Youth Encounter on Sustainability is an intensive and experimental short course with a focus on communication and knowledge sharing in an international, inter-cultural, and multi-disciplinary context. The core purpose of the course is to act as an academy to develop knowledge, core skills and a moral and ethical framework to foster the capabilities of tomorrows´ decision makers to address global challenges.