Living space for handicapped people

The Village Chance vision was conceived to meet the urgent needs to provide acceptable living space and facilities for severely handicapped people. Village Chance offers family apartment units adapted for wheelchair access, individual rooms for rent, a school, a restaurant and an internet café. The restaurant as well as the café are open to the public which will cover parts of the operating costs of Village Chance.

Living standards adapted to the needs of disabled people

Compared to the living standards of the majority of the Vietnamese people, those at Village Chance are higher than average. They correspond to international standards adapted to the needs of disabled people. This is reflected in the construction cost as well. For a total cost of USD 2.5 millions, which is the cost of a large urban villa in Switzerland or North America, the Village Chance contains 40 family units, seven individual rooms for rent, five classrooms, a clinic, administrative offices, a restaurant, a rehabilitation pool and a large central courtyard.

Benchmark in solar energy

Besides its great offer it is more than just accommodation. It is a benchmark example in terms of solar energy contributing to a cleaner environment and sustainable development. Furthermore, choice of materials, the security system and the architectural conception are higher than those existing in the area.

Satisfying sponsorship for Sika

Principal sponsors are Sika Vietnam together with the International Federation of Maison Chance. Both are fully satisfied with the result.