Sika supports new construction for the scout center Baar

Sika is supporting the “ Baar Scouts” and with that the largest youth organization of Baar and the largest scout division in Central Switzerland.

The two centers available to the Baar Scoutsare now 20 and 50 years old and no longer satisfy even the simplest of demands. Experts indicate that the 50-year-old west scout center can no longer be properly renovated. In addition, the newer east scout center requires some repairs.

With various offers, the scout center Baar is targeted toward children between 6 and 16 years of age as well as to young adults over 17 and mentally and physically disabled children and teenagers. The facility works 100% on the basis of voluntary work. This means that over 50 young leaders invest their free time in their hobby throughout the year. In total, over 10,000 voluntary hours are achieved in a scout year.

Project scout center Baar 2015

The west scout center, which is reserved for the 220 scouts’ exercises, is being reconstructed. In place of the current scout center, a disabled accessible and functional timber construction is being created. The basement is being renovated and slightly extended. There will be different sized exercise and assembly rooms on the ground and top floors.

The east scout center must be renovated in order to ensure professional and sustainable maintenance of the building. The multifunctional infrastructure can be made available as an exercise location for the Baar scouts as well as an urgently required warehouse for youth and disabled organizations.


The existing oil-fired heating system, which supplies both parts of the building with heat, must be replaced. The central heat generation will in future be operated without fossil fuels.

With the energy-efficient construction and using a minimum of technology, the operating costs can be kept low. The maintenance and upkeep will continue to be ensured by members of the Baar scouts.

The project in short

Project until 2015

Renovation of east scout center & new construction of west scout center

Sustainability requirements

High energy efficiency through optimized heat insulation and heating without fossil fuels, robust and durable construction

Operating requirements

Practical and disabled accessible buildings for internal and external use, low operating costs

Planned financing

Municipality of Baar, charitable foundations as well as businesses & community members,

Fundraising campaigns & personal contributions in construction and planning by Baar scouts